12-7-2020: All products and new products will be loaded up and ready to go soon.
Lucky Dawg Tackle's New Products for Ice 17'-18'

New Product -

Lucky Dawg Tackle's New Products for Ice 17'-18'

We are getting closer and closer to that special time when we can walk on water, ICE!! You can feel it in the air and now with the talks of our first snowfall, it will be here before you know it.

We have released a few new products for this coming ice season that we are very excited about. We are extremely excited about our new clear jig box that has a silicone insert. The silicone has little to no memory so it will not wear out over time like foam inserts tend to do. The silicone slots form around the jig when inserted and the silicon slots form back when the jig is removed. This boxed with also be used for our boxed tungsten assortments. It also has a waterproof seal and it floats!

We have also expanded our fly tied tungsten jig line by adding two new colors for this year. We added a pink tiger color that glows as well as black that has glow eyes. I was very pleased when I tested our new colors out this summer and this early fall. 


Our fly tied tungsten jigs were a huge hit last year and were extremely popular with our customers as well as the fish! The fly tied tungsten are very deadly and put countless giant slabs, jumbo perch, and brute gills topside for me last winter. I can't wait to put the new colors to use on first ice!